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Tweet For Thought

Having said that, I have been selfish with my own.  The cartoon shows the heartbreaking truth of what our troops face today and because of that, I would not allow my son to join.  He would have been awesome – he has the build and the attitude to have been one of the best, but Uncle Sam has not done right by either the troops or the veterans and he is my only one.  My heart goes to the troops and their loved ones, that wait for them back here.  I pray for their safe return home.

made my day today

My son was happy for him and wanted to know more so he asked him, how did he know that she liked him?  His friend said: “She helped me with my homework.”  My son looked at him and said: “That’s it?  Man… you’re a dumb-ass!”

I love my kid so much and thank God for him everyday.  He can be friends with a girl without thinking that “Good morning” means anything more.  I think that’s a good thing.  Let him get to know them well.  A lot of young men get married too quickly and later discover that lust is not love.

I remember his teenage years and one of the talks we had.  I told him: “Son, these young females are doing what mother nature tells them to do.  When those hormones hit, females loose their minds and can only think of boys.  They may look cool on the outside but, trust me, inside they are a mess and not thinking clearly.”